A Tribute to Bob Jones

21 Feb

On February 14, 2014 (Valentine’s Day), Bob Jones, friend of God and friend of MorningStar Ministries, went home to heaven. One year to the day after his home going, the ground was broken for the Bob Jones Vision Center. The project was dedicated to the fulfillment of Bob’s vision – a place for prayer, praise, and prophecy. Bob enjoyed walking by the Tram Stop almost daily and it seemed the perfect location to house the Vision Center.

Bob Jones’ Memorial Service was held at Morningstar Ministries on March 21, 2014.

My good friend Gary Beaton was asked to give a tribute to Bob Jones at that special memorial service broadcast around the world via God.tv. Gary was one of Bob closest friends in the last seven years of his life. Here that is:

Gary Beaton’s Tribute to Bob Jones

Learning to love is the main reason we’re on this earth. Bob Jones was a good example of this. It’s interesting that Bob’s death bed message was “Did you learn to love?” and he went home to heaven on Valentine’s Day.

May these messages bless you richly and may you receive the impartation to run for Bob and carry his Torch into the Harvest. May God bless you to light other Torches prophetically for Bob around the world to fulfill the promise he was given for the final Harvest, which has now begun in power.

Bob Jones “Funeral Memorial Service” (RadioAirJesus.com)

Rick Joyner, Paul Keith Davis, Bobby Conner, Robin McMillan and Bonnie Jones share precious moments of Bob Jones Life and ministry. Simply Beautiful.

Blessings to carry the torch for the great harvest!

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