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Every great movement in history has come from a passionate commitment

Sabbath Inspiration: How to Silence the Noise of this World [Peace, Peace…But There Is No Peace]

17 Mar

If your life is anything like mine, you likely have (at least one): television, tablet, cell phone, radio and/or ipod player…and the list continues. We have them in our homes, in our cars, in our bedrooms, etc. It is virtually impossible to turn off the deluge of inputs that we are daily, even hourly, receiving.

Sabbath Inspiration: A Tribute to Billy Graham

03 Mar

Billy Graham graduated to Heaven on February 21, 2018, hours before my first scheduled 3-way meeting with Mickey Robinson and Michael Johnson to discuss The Regathering: Empowering the Unfinished Jesus Movement. I believe The Regathering may turn out to be the most significant movement that Empower 2000, my business and ministry, is ever involved with.